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Supply List

Supply List 

The following are the recommended supply lists for the 2013-2014 school year, by grade level. Any donations of these supplies for your own child's personal use during the school year would be greatly appreciated.  Many supplies can be purchased during the summer during "Back to School" sales at local retailers.
We are also accepting donations to the school in general, as well as donations that will help us reach our goal of upgrading technology and providing iPads for student use in the classroom.
  • 1 Pack Pink Erasers
  • 4 Boxes (16 pack) of small Crayola Crayons
  • 3 Packs of Elmer's (Extra Strength) Glue Sticks
  • 1 8-Pack Broad Tip Crayola Markers (Traditional Colors)
  • 2 Reams White Xerox paper, no holes
  • 1 Ream colored paper/bold colors preferred
  • 1 Package "My First Pencil" made by Ticonderoga
  • Lysol Wipes
  • 1 box Kleenex
  • Dry Erase Markers (black and blue)

First Grade: 

  • 1 16-Pack or larger of small Crayola Twistable Crayons
  • 2 bottles (4 oz) Elmer's School Glue
  • 4 Expo Dry Erase Markers
  • 1 Pack Broad Tip Crayola Markers
  • 1 Pack Thin Tip Crayola Markers
  • 1 Pack Elmer's Glue Sticks
  • 1 Dozen #2 Pencils (Oriole, Ticonderoga, or Dixon)
  • 1 Pack Pink Erasers
  • 1 Ream of White Xerox Paper-no holes
  • 1 Box of Kleenex Tissue
  • Lysol Wipes
  • 1 Pair Ear Buds for use with the computer


Second Grade:

           2 dozen #2 Pencils
           2 Pink Erasers   
           2 Expo Dry Erase Markers
           2 Wide Tip Yellow Highlighter Markers
           2 Boxes Crayola Crayons (24 count)
           1 Pack Crayola Colored Pencils
           2 Red Bic Ball Point Pens
           1 Bottle Elmer's Twist Cap, "Washable" Glue
           4 Non-Toxic Glue Sticks
           1 Box of Kleenex Tissue
           1 Ream of White Xerox Paper-no holes
           1 Container of disinfecting wipes (such as Lysol)
           1 box of Gallon Size Ziploc Bags
           1 Package AA Batteries
           1 Pack of Pencil Top Erasers
           1 Pair of Ear Buds for use with the computer

Third Grade:
            2 Glue Sticks
            4 Dozen #2 Pencils
            1 Pink Eraser
            1 Box (24 pack) Crayola Crayons
            1 Pencil Box (5"X8")
            2 Highlighters
            1 Package 3-hole wide-ruled notebook paper
            3-Pack of Post It Notes
            2 Correcting Pens (red or green or purple)
            1 Pack Expo Dry Erase Markers (Dark Colors)
            1 12-Pack Crayola Colored Pencils
            Black Ultra Fine Sharpies
            1 Ream White Xerox Paper
            2 Boxes Kleenex Tissue
            2 Plain Pocket Folders (no prongs)
            1 Pair Ear Buds (for use with computers)

Fourth Grade:
            1 5"x8"  Pencil Box
            1 Pencil Sharpener with cover
            1 (4 oz) bottle of Elmer's White School Glue
            1 Pair Student Scissors (no larger than 6")
            4 Pocket Folders (any color)
            1 Pack (approx. 300 sheets) Wide Ruled Paper
            1 Lined Composition Book (Mead, Black & White, 9.5"x7.5")
            1 dozen #2 Pencils per month
            2 Highlighters (light colors)
            Pens (2 red, 2 blue)
            1 24-Pack Crayola Crayons
            1 10-Pack Broad Tip Crayola Markers (Classic Colors)
            1 10-Pack Fine Line Crayola Markers (Classic Colors)
            2 Expo Dry Erase Markers with small eraser
            1 12 Pack Crayola Colored Pencils
            1 Paperback copy of Stone Fox (Optional)
            1 Chapter Book at your child's reading level (must have a book at all times)
            2 Packs Post-It Notes (1 small, 1 reglar, light colors only)
            1 Pair Ear Buds

Fifth Grade:
            3 Black/White Composition Books (Mead)
            #2 Pencils (4 pack)
            1 Pencil Sharpener with Cover
            1 3-Ring Binder Organizer
            Crayola Crayons
            Crayola Colored Pencils (pack of 24)
            1 Pack of Expo Markers
            2 Yellow Highlighters
            Wide Ruled Notebook Paper (300 sheets)
            Protractor for home use
            Scissors (no longer than 6")
            1 bottle of Elmer's Glue
            4 boxes of Kleenex
            2 Reams of Xerox Paper
            Post It Notes
            1 Pair Ear Buds