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School Rules

School Rules

A complete set of school rules and policies were sent home during the first week of school. The following is an outline of behaviors that escalona will not permit:
-Fighting, threatening or harassing before, during or after school.
-Possesion of dangerous objects or devices (fireworks, knives, matches, etc.).
-Throwing or shooting objects (stink bombs or poppers).
-Defacing or tampering of school property or personal property (graffiti on walls, cars, textbooks, etc.).
-Bringing personal objects to school that could get lost or stolen.
-Use of inappropriate language.

Telephone and Cell Phone Use by Students-
Students may use the telephone only in an emergency. Please make every effort to plan ahead with your child if he/she is to follow procedures different than usual after school. Any changes, such as not riding the bus, should be planned ahead and communicated to your child prior to the beginning of the school day. Delivery of phone messages are difficult and therefore are not guaranteed.

Students carrying cell phones must have the phones turned off and put away during instructional time. The school and its staff and volunteers are not responsible for damage, loss or theft of a student's cell phone.

Deliveries to Students-
Homework, lunches, and other school-related items forgotten at home by students and brought to school by parents must be delivered to the school office. Deliveries of balloons, flowers, etc. for students will not be accepted. Students will not be allowed to distribute invitations to parties at school unless the entire class is invited. 

Pets are not allowed on campus. Please refrain from bringing any type of pet to school.